The National Library of Finland harvests online materials relating to the war in Ukraine and the discussion on NATO – Contribute to the effort

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The war in Ukraine has a broad impact on Finland and the Finns. The Finnish Web Archive of the National Library of Finland is carrying out a topical thematic harvesting of materials relating to the war and the discussion on NATO, for which proposals are sought.


The Finnish Web Archive maintained by the National Library of Finland has been carrying out a thematic harvesting of material on the war in Ukraine since February 2022 and the NATO discussion since May 2022. The content harvested includes websites and online news, social media content (especially on Twitter) and videos pertaining to the war. Contents suitable for harvesting are targeted at Finnish audiences or have another connection to Finland.

We are seeking suggestions for content related to the situation in Ukraine and the discussion on NATO. In this harvest, content can be in Finnish and Swedish as well as, for example, in Russian or Ukrainian. If you are aware of suitable significant content relevant to the harvest, you can propose their preservation in the Finnish Web Archive using this form:

The National Library collects and preserves Finnish online content in the Finnish Web Archive through the annual Finnish domain harvest, thematic harvests and continuous harvests. In the annually conducted Finnish domain harvest, content is collected from more than 600,000 websites in the .fi and .ax domains, as well as other websites identified as being in Finnish using a language identification tool. Thematic harvests focus in more detail and depth on content related to topical subjects and events, while continuous harvesting focuses on archiving Finnish newspaper websites, news media and Twitter content at regular intervals.

The National Library of Finland has the duty to preserve a representative and diverse sample of Finnish online materials. The materials stored are preserved and made available to researchers and other information-seekers at legal deposit workstations. The operations are based on the Act on Collecting and Preserving Cultural Materials (1433/2007) and the Copyright Act (section 16b, 404/1961). The Finnish Web Archive is part of the National Collection where Finnish publications archived.

Further information about the harvesting can be obtained from: Sanna Haukkala ( and Aija Vahtola (

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