National Librarian Kai Ekholm’s portrait unveiled

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Timo Huvilinna / Yliopistomuseo

Professor Kai Ekholm retired on 1 September 2018, after serving as the director of the National Library of Finland for 17 years.  Following the Library’s tradition, the National Librarian’s portrait will be included in its notable collection of portraits, which started with the portrait of the renowned 18th century National Librarian H.G. Porthan.  Ekholm’s portrait was painted by Riikka Lenkkeri, who is among the leading portraitists in Finland.

The painting could be commissioned thanks to donations. The National Library wishes to extend its gratitude to all the individuals and institutions who contributed to the portrait project. The portrait is on display in the Cupola hall until 3pm on the 16th of November.

The portrait testifies to the continuity of the institution, the significance of its mission and also to its prestige. A portrait must capture something externally universal and subjectively characteristic of its subject. It must be diachronic and tell something about the character, career and work ethic of the person depicted.

I wish to thank Riikka Lenkkeri, who superbly and uncompromisingly carried out the task given to her.

- Kai Ekholm

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