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The service’s Download Tool can be used to download material from newspapers, magazines, ephemera, books, manuscripts and sheet music that are mostly free of copyright. Now those materials are being expanded up to the year 1911.

The body of material from magazines and ephemera that is free of copyright and available through the Download Tool expands every year. In 2021, only materials dating back to 1910 or earlier were available.  Now magazines and ephemera up to the end of 1911 are also available. Material from magazines and ephemera published in 1912 will be available through the tool in early 2023.

Newspapers are available up to the end of 1918. The availability of other material is determined by the copyright metadata, which means that the period material is available from varies from item to item.

The downloadable material is primarily suitable for academic research, but the tool can also be used by genealogists for purposes like location and name searches. Users can use the tool to download relevant material to their computer and examine it at a later date without the need for an internet connection.

The Download Tool utilises searching in the service. The user can choose whether they want to download material in text form as an ALTO or text file or an image of the page in JPG or PDF format.

The tool is available at (opens in a new tab) and the University of Helsinki’s Software Center. 

Be one of the first to test our new features

New material viewing features are also being developed for the Download Tool. The new features will become available to all users in the autumn.

If you would like to test the Download Tool’s new features and provide feedback on them before everyone else, please contact You will receive an email in response with testing and feedback instructions. Remote support can be organised during the testing. Previous experience of using the tool is not required, but knowledge of how to use the service is beneficial. User feedback will be used to improve existing features and develop new features.

The Download Tool has been developed as part of the Digital Open Memory project funded by the European Regional Development Fund’s Leverage from the EU 2014–2020 programme. 


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