Laura Lindstedt is Customer of the Year 2022

Date published

The National Library of Finland has granted its eleventh Customer of the Year award. This year, the award was given to author and doctoral student Laura Lindstedt. 

Author Laura Lindstedt, photo Heini Lehväslaiho

Laura Lindstedt is an author well versed in using the National Library’s collections as background material in her writing. Lindstedt´s portfolio reveals a thorough knowledge of both literary and scientific works. The preface of her most recent publication 101 tapaa tappaa aviomies (101 ways to kill a husband), co-written by Sinikka Vuola, takes the reader directly into the National Library: to our North Hall to study microfilms and Special Reading Room to examine works in the National Collection, Fennica. ”It is a great joy to see how actively Laura Lindstedt uses our services and how enthusiastically she portrays them in her work”, Service Director Johanna Lilja explains.

”Furthermore, Lindstedt is a doctoral student who´s dissertation on Nathalie Sarraute is due in 2023. Lindstedt draws material from the art – especially literary – studies section of our Humanities Collection. One of the fundamental principles in building our Humanities Collection is the acquisition of works in the major languages of Europe, and Lindstedt as a researcher in French literature is an avid user of especially our materials this language”, Lilja continues.

The recipient of the award is chosen annually by the National Library staff. ”Seeing Laura Lindstedt in the library is always a pleasure. She is an active customer who definitely knows her way around but isn’t afraid to ask for help when it is needed. She is a familiar face in the North Halls microfilm stations, the Special Reading Room and amongst the open collections in the Rotunda. Customer service is in its essence a meeting between two people, and these meetings with her always leave a smile on your face”, notes Pauliina Vuorinen from our customer service.