Kimmo Tuominen assumes the position of National Librarian

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Docent Kimmo Tuominen, Doctor of Social Sciences, has started in his position of national librarian, or the director of the National Library of Finland. Tuominen succeeds Cecilia af Forselles, who will retire on 1 July 2022. For the past nine years Tuominen has served as the university librarian at Helsinki University Library. He has a wide range of experience related to library organisations and holds several elected positions in the academic community and the library sector.

Kimmo Tuominen

Kimmo Tuominen assumes the position of National Librarian. Picture: Marko Oja

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with the National Library’s highly qualified staff, promote the openness and accessibility of knowledge, and develop the Finnish knowledge environment. I’m strongly committed to promoting the conditions of education, equality, culture and research as well as digitalisation,” says Kimmo Tuominen.

The new national librarian aims to ensure that successful networking and collaboration also continue in the future.

“The National Library plays a key role in the development and provision of the public knowledge infrastructure. This infrastructure must be open, reliable and equally accessible to everyone seeking knowledge. No organisation can achieve this alone, but must collaborate with others. The National Library will continue to actively collaborate with its various partners while also continuously looking for new partnerships.”

Prior to serving as the university librarian at Helsinki University Library, Tuominen held positions such as the director of the Jyväskylä University Library, head of reference and archival services at the Library of Parliament, director of the Faculty of Arts Library, and acting professor of communication (with an emphasis on information science) at the Department of Communication, University of Helsinki. He also holds a number of elected positions in Finland and abroad.

National Librarian, Professor
Kimmo Tuominen