Imperial Alexander University’s doctoral and scholarship theses from 1828 to 1917 digitised

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The National Library of Finland has published digital copies of all doctoral dissertations and scholarship theses from the Imperial Alexander University of Finland. Between 1828 and 1917, the University had printed a total of 1,968 thesis publications.
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In addition to theses, the National Library has also digitised and published other publications related to the activities and culture of the Imperial Alexander University, such as literature regarding academic celebrations, rector’s speeches and reports, statutes, study guides, inaugural lectures and conferment publications.

The documents were mainly digitised from the collections of the Urajärvi storage library, with funding from the University of Helsinki. In spring and summer 2020, the data was described for the Finnish National Bibliography. The digitisation project began in autumn 2020 and was completed in January 2021.

The doctoral theses and publications from the Imperial Alexander University offer a broad picture of the history of science in Finland. Together with the previously digitised doctoral theses from the Royal Academy of Turku, these publications are an important record of the history of Finnish education, covering a period of almost 300 years.

Documents that can be freely used are available in the service. Newer, copyrighted works (author’s death in 1951 or later) can be accessed at the National Library’s workstations intended for viewing legal deposit copies.

Doctoral theses and publications from the Imperial Alexander University in the service:

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