Guest computers phased out at 31st of Jan 2019

Date published

There have been few computers in the National Library that library visitors have been able to use without Helsinki university user account. These guest computers was announced to be phased out on at the start of the 2019.

Guest computers are being phased out due to a technical change in the University’s network management system. As a result of this change, the network environment for guests will be terminated.

Even though guest computers are removed, user from outside the University, can still access scientific information from the library terminals. The library terminals allow you to use library's search service and e-resources, save files on your flash drive and print pdfs using the Print in City service.

Bring your own device

If you’re working on your personal files or searching for information on the internet, you will need to use your own device after the end of 2018. There's Eduroam and HUPnet wifis in the library premises. Library's customer service will provide you with the login details for accessing the University’s wireless network HUPnet.