On free trial 17.10.-14.11.2016: English Historical Documents

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English Historical Documents an online collection of more than 5000 primary sources from England and the British Isles. Split over 12 chronological volumes - including two covering the Tudor period and two covering the Early Stuarts, the English Civil War, and the Restoration. Each source is expertly indexed by the IHR and many are made available digitally for the first time.

This puts previously hard-to-access chronicles, letters, charters, and more within easy reach. So whether you are researching the growth of the Poor Law or how the restoration of Charles II affected trade with the Americas you will be able to spend less time looking for valuable primary source material and more time interpreting its meaning, impact and context.

Each chronological volume is split into topics relevant to the Tudor, Stuart and Civil War periods. These topics cover important aspects of British life and are further split into sub-topics to make document discovery as easy as possible.

Explore documents by subject, date, people, and place. Use basic and advanced searches to find the sources you need for your research.

The free trial is restricted to Helsinki University students, faculty, staff and the local users in the National Library and Helsinki University Library. It can be used via National Library search portal.

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