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Finnish research-based knowledge has gained a new shortcut at The website leads you to open research data with the help of thematic searches and tips. is a search service that already provides a wide range of research data, government reports and university theses. The new website gathers up convenient shortcuts to research data from Finna's millions of records.  

“Demand for research-based knowledge is perhaps the highest it has ever been, and we want to offer seekers of knowledge a reliable and easy way to access Finnish sources of research-based knowledge. Through ready-made searches on the website, you can read up on subjects like the climate change and covid-related research data”, says Development Manager Erkki Tolonen from the National Library of Finland's Finna services.  

The website is intended for anyone who needs information and wants to find new and up-to-date research data. In addition to the general public, it helps students, researchers and the media to find reliable sources of information. 

More and more open research data is becoming available 

The research-based knowledge included in the search service comes from universities, research institutes and their libraries, as well as from the authorities. The amount of research-based knowledge will increase as new scientific actors join Finna and the openness of science progresses. 

“Open science has become an important way of promoting science and research, and every year, more and more scientific information is available to everyone. Most of the publications published by Finnish research organisations are now openly available. We hope that Finna's shortcuts will make more people take advantage of open publications”, Tolonen says. 

Finnish scientific journals are Finna’s most recent arrivals. More than a hundred Finnish scientific journals and annals in fields such as social sciences, politics and law are included. 

The publication of the new shortcut for research-based knowledge is part of the Year of Research-Based Knowledge initiative, in which Finna participates. 

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Head of Development Erkki Tolonen, the National Library of Finland, tel. +358 50 576 2869, erkki.tolonen(at)