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Helsinki City Museum 1951., CC BY 4.0

Helsingin kaupunginmuseo 1951., CC BY 4.0


The layout of Finna’s homepage has been updated. In addition to a more modern layout, we’ve improved the website’s accessibility and the usability of the search functionality., which brings the archives and services of libraries and museums together in one place, has been updated. We’ve refreshed the website’s appearance and changed the color scheme.

In addition to updating the website’s appearance, we’ve made small changes in the site’s usability and added options so can serve as a better communication channel. The search filters are now more visible, and it’s easier for users to see which filter is in use at any given time. The digital materials available on the web have been made more visible on the search results page. as a communication channel

The updated provides a more diverse service for its users. The new website makes it possible for news and other current topics to be published on the homepage. Current campaigns are now also more visible. Going forward, you will find our suggestions for things to look at in Finna’s bottomless treasure chest underneath the news and campaigns. We’ll highlight new collections, selections based on a theme, and listings from the organizations that are part of Finna.

We tested the usability of the new Finna homepage with different groups of users in order to make it as functional as possible. Additionally, an outside group of experts has assessed the accessibility of the website’s updated graphic appearance.

Usability testing will continue in the near future, and we’ll continued to develop the website according to agile development principles. We welcome feedback about the website’s layout and usability.

As part of the update, a page search is easier to use than ever, also for browsing page content. We invite you to familiarise yourself with Finnish cultural heritage, to search for information, and to dive into the collections available on!