Finna congratulates 100-hundred-year-old Finland

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Finna warmly congratulates 100-year-old-Finland! curates an impressive display of Finland’s collective cultural heritage. As a search service that provides access to the treasures of archives, libraries, and museums across Finland from one portal, Finna would like to warmly congratulate 100-year-old-Finland! In honor of Finland’s centennial, we’ve created a list of all of the celebrations organised by the institutions that are part of Finna. Celebrations are taking many different forms, including exhibits, concerts, and lectures. Let’s celebrate together!

You can also get into the celebratory spirit on Enter “Finland’s independence” as your search term, and you can learn about different Independence Day celebrations and view memorabilia from Finland’s one hundred years of independence.

The Workers’ Museum Werstas

“The longing for freedom is calling” sang Hiski Salomaa in the 1920s, a decade characterized by poverty and hard work. In this centennial year of Finland’s independence, Werstas is opening the Museum of Freedom, which tells the stories of poor citizens in a touching and inspirational way.

The history of Finland’s independence includes the horrors of the Civil War as well as the birth of the social welfare state and the struggle to establish public day care. The museum offers a lot for the whole family to see and experience, and you can also express your views about the kind of freedom you want today. The exhibit is based on the extensive collections of The Workers’ Museum Werstas, The Workers’ Archives, and The People’s Archives and is being organised in conjunction with the labor movement. This brand new museum will open on November 28, 2017, on the day that the eight-hour work day turns one hundred years old in Finland.

The website supports the museum and contains educational materials, historical collections, and information about events related to the history of the Finnish labor movement. The Museum of Freedom is part of the official Finland 100 program.

The Keitele Library

The Keitele Library has an exhibit called Keitele – Finland 100 in the Talli Gallery from November 6 – December 8, 2017. The exhibit features the nine national symbols of Finnish nature as well as other preserved animals and photographs. A unique item on display is the skull of a bear felled this fall.

The Seinäjoki Library

Reading competition
If you enjoy reading or are always up for a challenge, the Seinäjoki Library’s reading competition is just for you. The library is challenging everyone to read at least 100 books in this centennial year. Those who have read 100 books are invited to a party on the eve of Finland’s 100th birthday on December 5. Please return your list of books by November 30, 2017.

The Independence Day Preparty
Come join the Independence Day Preparty! In honor of Finland’s centennial, the Independence Day celebrations will begin in Seinäjoki on Tuesday, December 5 from 17.15 – 20.30 in the market square and Apila Library in the Aalto Center. The event is free and open to everyone and includes poetry and musical performances, light art, a fire circus, a children’s dance party, and orienteering. The event will culminate in a Finland 100 fireworks display.

Statistics Finland

Statistics Finland is celebrating Finland’s centennial throughout the year by publishing comparative studies of Finland’s 100 years. These studies, derived from statistical sources, show large scale changes in society as well as in everyday life by comparing the initial years of Finland’s independence to the current day. You can find the studies on the Statistics Finland website as well as on Twitter and Facebook, where you can find them with the hashtag #vuosisatavertailu.

The Library of Parliament

The Parliament and becoming independent in 1917 – Information Booklet
The information booklet The Parliament and becoming independent in 1917 follows the dramatic events 0f 1917 from the perspective of parliament.
Research and young people’s visions of Finland
The Library of Parliament is participating in the Preparty in the libraries event on December 5, 2017 with presentations by library researchers who will share their research topics. You can also see the Vision 100 exhibit presenting young people’s new declaration of independence.
Exhibit at the Library of Parliament November 15 – December 7, 2017
Will Finland celebrate 200 years of independence? What kind of Finland do young people think we should strive for? In honor of Finland’s centennial, the Library of Parliament invited school children and university students to make a new declaration of independence for Finland. It provides a vision of Finland and Finns’ next 100 years.

The Kymeenlaakso Museum

Faces of Kymeenlaakso – Provincial history lives in people’s stories!
The exhibit Faces of Kymeenlaakso presents the collaborative work of 12 museums in Kymeenlaakso with stories of 100 people from the countryside. You can hear 30 stories told by the people themselves in the museum. You will find life-size cardboard figures of each of the storytellers on display, and some also have voice recordings. Ordinary people as well as influential people have been chosen for the exhibit, and they were all born and/or lived in Kymeenlaakso. Some who have already passed away were active in the province during Finland’s independence. The museum is also conducting a poll to determine Kymeenlaakso’s person of the century. Kymenlaaksosta

The Library of the University of Eastern Finland (UEF)

The Library of UEF has been participating in the Finland 100 centennial celebrations throughout the year. The library has put a new book exhibit on display each month, and each book in some way deals with Finland or Finnishness. The UEF and Finna book carousel also present works related to this theme from time to time. Additionally, you can find articles related to the theme on the library’s blog:

The Finnish National Board of Antiquities and the National Museum of Finland

The Finnish National Board of Antiquities and the National Museum of Finland both have a number of Finland 100 activities.
The National Museum of Finland’s exhibit The Period of Independence will open on December 6, 2017. Objects from the Finnish National Board of Antiquities that are related to the centennial celebrations will be shown in Olavinlinna on November 28 and 29, 2017 ( and in the National Museum of Finland starting on November 21, 2017 (

The Kouvola Museum of Art

Shards of Finnishness – Finland 100 Years
This exhibit will lead you down the path of Finnishness without mercy or prejudice, through the pain points and periods of joy from two hundred years ago until the present day. The exhibit, open September 14, 2017 – January 7, 2018, is certainly one that breaks away from the mainstream and shatters myths. Many of the works on display have been rarely seen, like the famous portrait of President Kekkonen painted by Ilja Glazunov, Joseph Alanen’s (1885-1920) The Conquest of Häme, or The Pig Messiah, which brought a charge of blasphemy against its painter Harro Koskinen in 1974.

Lusto - The Finnish Forest Museum

The In Relation to the Forest campaign is part of the official Finland 100 centennial celebrations.
In this year of centennial celebrations, Lusto focuses on the living, changing, and multifaceted relationships Finns have to their forests and challenges everyone to think about and strengthen their own relationship to the forest. What kind of relationship do you have with forests? What kind of significance do forests and forest culture have for you? What kind of stories about us and the forests do we want to leave for our descendants? Lusto’s exhibits, events, and research and recording activities in 2017 offer inspiration and different points of view for developing and strengthening one’s own relationship to the forest.

Centria University of Applied Sciences/Centria Library Kokkola

We are celebrating Finland’s centennial with a book exhibit which presents Finland and Finnishness from different points of view and with changing themes each month.

Somero Library

Somero Library’s fall program includes many Finland 100 related events. Here is just one:

Väinö Linna – The Voice of a Nation
Literary scholar and critic Dr. Eija Komun will give a lecture on Monday, December 4.äinö+Linna±+Kansakunnan+ääni

In addition to the many events the library is hosting, exhibits throughout the year are highlighting this year of celebration. Exhibits look at Finnish literature from different angles (including from the lenses of nature, culture, and history, as well as outsider perspectives of Finns).

Lappeenranta Provincial Museum

• Finland 100 lecture series about the history of southern Karelia as well as lectures throughout the year at the central library
• Finland 100 musical performances: singing, classical music, and lectures
• Finland 100 activities for children: puppet theater, plays in the central library and branch libraries
• Finland 100 Preparty on December 5: the music institute’s concert for the whole family with the Teekkari singers and the music institute’s orchestra

The Finnish Library Association

The Finnish Library Association is the coordinator for the Finland 100 Preparties. Libraries all across Finland welcome everyone to their preparties on December 5, 2017 to celebrate Finland’s centennial. All children, adults, the elderly, and new Finns are welcome! Over one hundred libraries are participating in these celebrations across Finland.

Follow the parties on social media with the hashtag #etkotkirjastossa

Espoo City Museum

Espoo City Museum is participating in the centennial celebrations with the project “Espoo during the Civil War.” The purpose of the project is to research and increase our knowledge of the events of the war 100 years ago. Data collection for the project took place in the spring of 2017. The project will create an exhibit, services, and a publication. The exhibit Broken lives – Espoo during the Civil War is open in KAMU in the exhibit center WeeGee from November 1, 2017 – October 21, 2018. The pop up series of exhibits 100 years after the Civil War is an accompanying exhibit on view in KAMU’s lobby. This series of exhibits provides contemporary commentary on the Civil War. High school students and other youth from Espoo, an artist from the capital region, and asylum seekers who fled civil wars present their works in the series. In the spring of 2018, there will also be a series of five lectures called The Civil War Now. It aims to look at the Civil War as a subject, phenomenon, and an event in history from different points of view. The lecturers are experts in their fields, and they will guide the audience into the complex events of the Civil War. Attendance at the lectures is free. The library hopes that the lecture series and the cooperation with young people will make the historical events of the war a part of current public discussions.

Go to Finna and click on ”Espoo during the Civil War of 1918” to see all of Espoo City Museum’s photographs related to this topic:

The Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD)

Tietomilli congratulates Finland with “One hundred questions for Finns” on its homepage
The homepage of FSD’s Tietomilli presents “One hundred questions for Finns” with 100 interesting questions that Finns have responded to in large opinion polls. The answers are presented as illustrated infographics from old Finnish photographs. You can search for the photographs on Finna.

In conjunction with the Finland 100 celebrations, FSD is publishing material on a new topic around the sixth day of each month on FSD’s research materials by theme page, starting in April. The celebrations will culminate in a Life in 100-year-old Finland page to be published on the eve of independence.

The Library of Oulu University of Applied Sciences

The staff and students in the department of culture at the Oulu University of Applied Science, together with their partners, are celebrating 100-year-old Finland throughout 2017 with a series of cultural events in the Oulu area centered on the theme “100 ways to experience culture.”

The Kuortane Library

In October, author Kirsti Manninen (pen name Enni Mustonen) will be at the Kuortane Library to talk about the history of Finnish women over the past 100 years. (This is part of the Villette series at the library.)
In November, the concert Children’s songs over time for preschool-aged children features Leena Pyylammi, who will sing Finnish children’s songs from the past 100 years.

The libraries in the metropolitan area


Sello’s Library will be hosting a Finland 100 party on Sunday, November 19. FI/Kirjastot_ja_palvelut/Sellon_kirjasto/Tapahtumat/Suomi_100_Kansanjuhla(149746)
All of the branch libraries in Espoo will have an afternoon preparty with cake and coffee on December 5. The Tapiola branch will host their preparty on Monday, December 4.



The top preparties will be held in five branch libraries on December 5. Programming includes:
This branch will provide programming geared especially toward children from morning to night and includes arts and crafts and face painting.
The theme is the city. The City Slang chorus will perform, and Harri Saksala will lead a discussion about the city. The Stadi orchestra will perform at 19.00, and there will also be trivia about the olden days of Helsinki. There will be a disco with Finnish pop on the fourth floor of the library from 20.00 – 21.00.
There will programming for children from 16.00 – 17.00, including a performance by the kantele players from Eira’s music school. The Artists’ Association’s School of the Visual Arts invites every one of all ages to create a communal work of art. Cake will be offered in honor of the Finland 100 celebrations, and there will be a dance from 19.00 – 20.00. There’s an art café for about 200 people in the conference room. The grand opening of the Blue and White Christmas exhibit will be held in the art rental shop.
The rapping grandma Eila will take to the stage. The Finnish Comics Center will offer cartooning classes for children and youth on the topic of 100-year-old Finland. There will be a performance by an Iranian and Finnish duo (singing with piano accompaniment) as well as by the Vuosaari chorus. You can find programming for the whole family in the children’s section. Snacks and drinks will be offered.

The Keuruu Library

Keuruu’s treasures for everyone!

The library’s cultural heritage campaign is gathering items for the use of schools, companies, and hobbyists of history on the website The website contains stories, photographs, and recordings and will be made public at the preparty at the library on December 5.

The Library of Seinäjoki’s University of Applied Sciences

The library will celebrate Finland’s one hundredth birthday on December 5 in all of its branches. There will be book exhibits and trivia, as well as snacks and drinks. The library is part of the Finnish Library Association’s Preparties at the library-event campaign.

The Library of the University of Helsinki

The library is organising a Finland 100 exhibit titled “The Finnish maiden learns to read” from November 13 – December 9, 2017 in the exhibit area of the Kaisa House on the third floor (address: Fabianinkatu 30).  

In the beginning, improving literary among the people served the purposes of the new church; later literacy became important for growing political awareness and for society as a whole. In the twenty first century, Finland is a poster country for literacy. The new challenge facing children and adults centers on navigating the constant flood of information. In addition to the mechanics of literacy, we need to cultivate the ability to understand contexts and to question the texts we read. It’s always time to learn.

The Sotkamo Library

Citizens knitted baby blankets for all babies born in Sotkamo in 2017 as part of the Novellikoukku campaign, a combined effort of all of the libraries in Kainuu. The consortium for health and social services provided the yarn for the campaign. Sotkamo’s share was 112 blankets.

The North Karelian Museum Hilma

The book launch of the North Karelian Museum’s From Seal Carvings to the Common Hoopoe will be held on December 5. The museum is the same age as the republic of Finland. In April 2017, the museum opened the exhibit Roots in a growing forest, and now the centennial year of celebration will culminate in the release of this book. The book isn’t a story about the museum, but rather about how the museum’s collections reflect the passage of time. What was north Karelia like on the eve of Finland’s independence? What kind of artefacts were gathered in the museum collections 100 years ago, and how were they collected? This richly illustrated book includes loved as well as previously unpublished pictures from the museum’s photography collections. The stories and pictures of each individual artefact evoke the lives of everyday Finns from the past and the present, both Karelians and those from Joensuu.

The Kuopio City Library

The Kuopio City Library is one of The Finnish Library Association’s partners organising an Independence Day preparty on December 5. The central library is offering a range of programming over the course of the day, as well as a party in the evening. You can also see the first editions of books published over the course of Finland’s independence.…

Sarka – The Finnish Museum of Agriculture

The Finland 100 theme is especially visible in Sarka’s exhibits:
Sarka is also organising a Finland 100-themed lecture series together with the city of Loimaa:

The Library of the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (Diak)

Diak’s librarians celebrated 100-year-old Finland with folk dancing. The library also featured trivia, and those who answered were rewarded with the classic Fazer blue chocolate bar.

Vantaa City Museum

Finland’s 100th birthday celebration is starting on the eve of independence on December 5 at the Vantaa City Museum. The gift from Vantaa’s land use, construction, and environment sectors to 100-year-old Finland is permanent outdoor lighting for the Tikkurila station designed by Carl Albert Edelfelt, the current home of the museum. The festival of lights is open to everyone, and in addition to coffee, people can learn about the building’s history, go on a guided tour of the current exhibit, and hear performances by members of the Vantaa music institute. The celebration will culminate in the late afternoon when the station’s outdoor lights are switched on at 16.00. Come join us for the celebration!

The Library of the Häme University of Applied Sciences (Hamk)

The Library of Hamk has celebrated 100-year-old Finland throughout 2017 with virtual exhibits on Finna arranged by themes that change monthly. At the beginning of the year, people admired Finnish nature and took a closer look at Finnish well-being; the spring exhibit showcased Finnish gardens. In conjunction with the Design Museum’s Finland 100 celebrations, the April exhibit highlighted entrepreneurship in Finnish design. As harvest time approached, the September exhibit focused on entrepreneurship in the Finnish countryside. The yearend exhibits combine Finland 100 celebrations with Hamk’s theme of entrepreneurship for the academic year 2017 – 2018. The virtual exhibits from October to December highlight industrial and international aspects of Finland as well as the field of construction in Finland, especially from the perspective of entrepreneurship. Additionally, the virtual exhibits are supported by book exhibits organised in different library branches. Here are the links to the virtual exhibits:
Finnish nature
Finnish well-being
Finnish gardens
Finnish design
Finnish entrepreneurship in the countryside
Industrial Finland

The Library of Sign Language

The Library of Sign Language isn’t on Finna – yet. But below you will find a link to a video which won a competition organised by the library this past spring. The aim of the competition was to find the best video with FINLAND or FATHERLAND in some form in its name; otherwise there were no guidelines for the content. This competition was part of the official Finland 100 campaign.

The library received 17 entries, and the winner was chosen by Liisa Kauppinen.
You can read more about the competition here: