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Research-based information can surprise you and encourage you to think in a new way. With the search service, you can easily access Finnish research results. We participated in the Year of Research-Based Knowledge in 2021, showcasing Finna’s resources in the process.

Finna provides many types of research information directly online: books, articles, research reports and publications as well as theses. The research information is reliable, as it is collected into Finna from Finnish higher education and research institutions.

Shortcuts to research-based knowledge

The scientific and cultural treasures on Finna are accessible through a single search. You can look for information by typing your search term into the search bar on the front page. You can then use the various search filters.

To restrict your search exclusively to research-based knowledge, follow these links:

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The Year of Research-Based Knowledge highlights the significance of research

During the Year of Research-Based Knowledge 2021, Finnish organisations cooperated to bring research data to everyone. The project was coordinated by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Academy of Finland and the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies.

For Finna and its developer, the National Library of Finland, the openness of research-based knowledge is an important goal. Finna’s open resources promote social equality and make learning and education accessible to all. Research-based information helps us solve issues in our lives, as well as tackle the big questions associated with the future of humanity.

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