The customer service email address has changed

Date published

The National Library has introduced a new, clearer email address:

The new address has replaced the previous one, which was or The old email address is still active, and messages will still be received, for example, if you reply to older messages from the library.

In connection with the change, some separate service email addresses have also been discarded, for example, messages concerning interlibrary services and reprographic services should now be sent to the general address at Some of the services still have their own email addresses, and you can find up-to-date contact information on the services' own pages. The addresses of the services for organisations remain the same.

If you are not sure to which address you need to send your message, the general service email address,, is always the best option. With this email address, you can reach the experts in the library's services and collections from a wide range of respondents in the fastest and most reliable way.