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15.1. 2020
A newly published volume in the series of Jean Sibelius’s complete works (JSW) contains critical edi
18.12. 2019
The National Library’s Customer of the Year 2019 is the working group behind the Translocalis databa
19.11. 2019
As part of the Tutkain project, the National Library of Finland will make extensive Finnish newspape
18.11. 2019
The National Library’s researcher facilities are available for long-term use on application
12.11. 2019
The Union of Finnish Writers is donating to the National Library of Finland a rare collection of com
21.10. 2019
Donated to the National Library of Finland in February 2019, Päivi Setälä’s archives have now been o
1.10. 2019
An established newspaper that ran for a century for its émigré readership, and a propaganda publicat
3.9. 2019
The latest volume of the complete critical edition of Jean Sibelius Works includes four cantatas for