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The National Library of Finland as an employer

As a multidisciplinary expert organisation, the National Library of Finland is an excellent place for a development-oriented professional. Most of those working in our positions have an educational background from the field of library and information sciences, information technology or humanities.a.



The National Library of Finland has strong traditions in developing the competence and well-being of the personnel. Those working for the National Library of Finland feel that the strengths of their workplace are the challenging and interesting assignments, motivated staff and the possibility to develop their own competence.

  • We are competent and development-oriented
  • We work together
  • We operate in an open and reliable manner
  •  Our cultural heritage is always present
  • We promote availability of information

Work hours and wages

Flexible working hours are applied at the National Library of Finland. Those who have been in the service of the university at least one year have 30 days, i.e. 6 weeks of annual vacation time. Employees with at least 15-year employee relationship accumulate 38 days of annual vacation time.

The National Library of Finland has a positive attitude towards integrating the employee's private life's situation and the employer's needs together.

The salary is based on the university salary system (YPJ), according to which a difficulty level will be determined for the position and a level of personal performance will be defined for the employee.  The bonus based on the level of personal performance is 4–46.3% of the salary based on the position's difficulty level. Personal performance is assessed regularly through evaluation discussions held every other year.

Developing competence

The National Library of Finland develops actively its work community and supports the competence of its staff. Plenty of personnel training in a wide array of subjects are available for staff of the University of Helsinki. In addition to continuous development of essential competence, the strategic goal is to reinforce, in particular, the internationality, communication, network, management and financial competence as well as work community skills.


The internships of the National Library of Finland are mostly available for students of the humanities or data processing fields.

Internships can be inquired by sending email to


For customers working on their thesis, we offer topical research subjects, specialist support, research materials and, if necessary, working premises at the National Library of Finland.

Our research subjects are mostly related to the development of centralised services offered to libraries, i.e. the national library network services.

  • In addition to the library and information field, we also offer research topics suitable for students of data processing and financial management.
  • It is possible to write the thesis as a commissioned work, either with a scholarship or as an employee
  • The commissioning of theses are always agreed upon case by case and funding depends on the necessity and situation of the division or project
  • In addition to the topics, the National Library of Finland provides statistical data suitable for the thesis. An access to the materials of libraries' national user surveys can be granted upon request. The data of the Finnish National Electronic Library FinELib's research survey can be searched from the Finnish Social Science Data Archive ». Additionally, the data recorded in the Finnish Research Library Statistics Database (KITT) can be utilised for research work.
  • If possible, expert help for planning the topic may also be offered

Please contact us by email:



The National Library of Finland's vacancies are advertised at