Material delivery times

The majority of the materials in the collections of the National Library of Finland are stored in a closed repository. This is reflected in the material delivery times.

Materials in the Open Collection are immediately available unless they have been taken out by another customer. Materials from the closed repository are delivered to customers in the library by 11 a.m. the next weekday.

  • The Humanities Collection
  • The Slavonic Library
  • Special Collections
  • The Manuscript Collection
By 11 a.m. the next weekday
(home loan pickups from Rotunda, reading room loans)
  • National Collection (Fennica)
    books, magazines and sheet music publications
  • Microfilms
After two weekdays from the order by 11 a.m.
(available at the Fennica Reading Room, microfilms at North Hall)
  • Map Collection
  • Ephemera Collection of the National Collection
  • Periodicals in the Slavonic Library
3 weekdays
  • Reprographic service
1 weeks
  • Digitised copies of the recordings
Accordance with what is agreed

Due to the coronavirus situation, the delivery times may be longer than usual for all materials and services.

Replacement copies

Some of the materials are only available as replacement copies, in other words, as microfilms, microfiche or digital recordings.

Microfiche and microfilms in the reference film repository are immediately available to customers.  The use of materials in the closed repository requires a material request.

Microfiche are found in the microfilm reading room in the North Hall. There is no need to make an advance order for microfiche. The exception is Svenska litteratursällskapet’s archive material microfiche, which are available for customers in the special reading room with a material request.

The reference film repository includes

  • Finnish newspapers until 31 Dec. 1944
  • Finnish periodicals from 1950s to 1970s
  • Individual periodical groups, such as humour magazines and war front magazines
  • American-Finnish newspapers
  • A few foreign newspaper titles
  • A few of the most in-demand newspapers from the beginning of their publication until the last few years.

Order from the closed repository will be delivered by 11 a.m. on the second weekday after the order. The reading room loan period of  microfilms delivered from the closed repository is 4 weeks.

Digitised materials can be used at the legal deposit workstations at our library and partly also outside the library on, for example, home PC. There is no need to make an advance order for digitised materials.

Open Collection
Microfilm reading equipment
Legal deposit workstations