Licenses and conditions of use of electronic materials

The customers of the National Library of Finland have access to electronic materials: books, journals, articles, sound recordings, maps, photos, reference databases andfull text materials.


Some of the electronic materials are freely available online, while a part of them can only be accessed with the login data of University of Helsinki. Some materials can only be used in the library.

Nearly all our electronic materials can be searched from National Library of Finland's search service.

Unlimited access

Materials digitised by the National Library of Finland that are not subject to copyright are freely available online.  These can be read, listened, printed or downloaded by anyone, anywhere and anytime.

Notwithstanding the above, users are not permitted to pass on digitised copyright material without the permission of the copyright holder. Users are kindly asked to comply with the appropriate citation rules; for example: , Vyborg, 31/12/1904, digital collections of the National Library of Finland.

License on the University of Helsinki´s network

The library has acquired different types of e-materials for the use of the University of Helsinki researchers and students and for the library's local customers. These can be accessed through the University of Helsinki network, which means that remote access is available for University of Helsinki researchers, students and staff. For people who are not researchers or students at the University of Helsinki, the resources are accessible from the library terminals in the National Library and the Helsinki University Library facilities without a login, or from the user’s own device at the facilities using the HelsinkiUni Guest visitor network (password: uniguest).

The general conditions of use for the electronic materials acquired for the University network.

What is allowed: 

  • browsing the materials and searching for information
  • to copy, print or save the search results and individual articles for your own use, in reasonable amounts
  • giving individual articles to the personal use of another person in the name of scientific communication
  • to use the materials as electronic course material in the teaching by University of Helsinki by linking to the materials
  • to print and save reasonably-sized extracts of e-materials and extensive full text materials as well as part of the materials for non-commercial purposes.

What is not allowed:

  • using the materials or parts of them for commercial purposes
  • distributing, selling or modifying the materials or making derivative works of it
  • printing and copying entire works (e-books and extensive full text materials)
  • to systematically download materials by using automatic robot programmes.

Violations against these conditions may mean result in access to the materials being terminated.

Conditions of use of FinELib resources

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