Submitting legal deposit copies


Contact details

Orange arrow depicting where Legal Deposit Office locates in Yliopistonkatu

The National Library of Finland
Legal Deposit Office
PO Box 15
00014 University of Helsinki

Phone (information): 02941 44321 weekdays 9 a.m. to 12 noon 

Small legal deposit deliveries may be brought directly to the Legal Deposit Office at Yliopistonkatu 1 (Google Maps), open weekdays 9.00–12.00 (1 June–31 August, 9.00–11.00) (other times by appointment). The door buzzer is found to the right of the door. It may take some time for the Legal Deposit Office to answer. 

Postal deliveries

If you order a delivery through the Posti website, please note the following: 

  1. In the “Send a parcel” tab, you may select the delivery option “To a Posti outlet” if necessary. No additional paid services are needed, but the parcel cannot be delivered to a parcel locker.  
  2. In the “Notice of arrival” section, select the SMS option and enter the number of the National Library porters, 050 448 7050.

At a Posti outlet, the parcel should be sent as a regular parcel, regardless of the PO Box address. The University of Helsinki / National Library has a business service agreement with Posti on delivery of items to the destination address. 

If using the SmartShip service for businesses, select the Postal Parcel service in the Shipments form to ensure your parcel can be sent using a PO Box address. Under SMS-number on the form, enter the phone number of the National Library porters, 050 448 7050. 

Delivery of newspapers

Newspapers are delivered directly to the Mikkeli location of the National Library at the address: 

National Library of Finland 
Mikkeli unit 
Saimaankatu 6 
50100 Mikkeli 

Submission of online materials

Instructions for submitting electronic publications (e.g., electronic books, magazines, series, maps and sound recordings) are available on the website of the electronic legal deposit collection

More information on collecting other forms of online materials is available on the introductory page for online materials