Legal deposit deliveries must be accompanied by a packing list (RTF) in duplicate. One copy of the list will be returned signed to the sender after processing. Newspapers sent to Mikkeli must also be accompanied by packing lists (RTF). 

If the print run of a publication is very small, an application (PDF) may be submitted to reduce the required number of deposit copies. Either the application can be printed and sent by post, or an email with the same information can be sent to the address

Four times a year, we pick new companies in the publishing industry from the business register and send them an industry questionnaire (PDF) (in Finnish). If your company has not received the questionnaire, or you wish to submit your questionnaire as soon as you have established your company, you can print and send it by post, or fill the online form (in Finnish).

Online materials 

Digital publications, such as e-books, are submitted with a separate online form:

Websites may be proposed for entry in the Finnish Web Archive via an online form: