Key figures 2015


Library collections

  • 115 shelf kilometres of material
  • 3 million books and 3 million other publications
  • 5,000 new publications purchased every year from research fields in the humanities (history, comparative literature, philosophy, music, Russian and Eastern European studies)
  • 400 shelf metres of new legal deposit copies (collected according to the Act on the Deposit and Conservation of Cultural Materials)
    Of them,
    more than 10,000 are Finnish books
    4,000-5,000 are annual volumes of various periodicals
    320 are annual volumes of newspapers
    2,000-3,000 are music recordings
    60,000 are ephemera (advertisements, brochures, instruction booklets, small magazines)
    in addition to posters, annual reports, sheet music and maps
  • 25,000 data entries of new digital deposit copies
  • 814 million data entries from Finnish websites harvested for the Library’s online archive

Library use

  • 380,000 loans (including home and reading room loans) in 2015
  • Approximately half of all library customers are University of Helsinki students, teachers and researchers
  • Approximately half of all customers are working on their Master’s theses, doctoral dissertations or postdoctoral research
  • Approximately half of all customers use library services at least once per week, and approximately 16% of them use the services more than once per week.

Digitisation and online services

  • In 2015, the Library digitised approximately one million pages of nationally significant resources

  • 10 million pages of digitised resources at the end of 2015
  • 14 million downloads, a 24% increase in use of the service

  • 16 million downloads during 2015

Financial indicators

  • National Library revenue in 2015: €29,041,027    
  • National Library expenses in 2015: €27,158,973       

Services for libraries, archives, museums and other public administration

Online resources acquired by the FinELib consortium

  • 79,000 licensed digital periodicals
  • 12.7 million downloads
  • 386,000 licensed electronic books
  • 9.3 million downloads
  • 15,700 licensed reference works
  • 6.2 million downloads

Finna – the online service for archives, libraries and museums.

  • 2.7 million visits to Finna, an increase of 125% from the previous year
  • 10.2 million metadata entries on
  • 106 archives, libraries and museums involved in Finna

Finto - the national dictionary and ontology service

  • 29.7 million connections to the interface
  • 30 dictionaries, ontologies and classes
  • 450,000 concepts, keywords and classes

Melinda – the national metadata repository

  • 9 million reference data entries in the database
  • 40 libraries involved

Publication archives

  • 32 million article downloads, a 33% increase from the previous year


  • 58 training events, with 6,240 participants from libraries, museums and archives