Jean Sibelius Works - a complete critical edition

JSW publishes Sibelius’s collected works as editions based on exhaustive source study and a thorough text-critical survey and evaluation.

The oeuvre of Jean Sibelius (1865–1957) comprises 117 works with opus numbers. A further 225 compositions without opus numbers are listed in Fabian Dahlström’s catalog Jean Sibelius: Thematisch-bibliographisches Verzeichnis seiner Werke (Breitkopf & Härtel 2003). The majority of Sibelius’s compositions were published during his lifetime. Some finished works remained unpublished, however, including most of his youthful production as well as a number of early versions.

When completed, the JSW series will incorporate all Sibelius’s finished works, including complete early versions and his own arrangements. Errors and shortcomings in earlier editions and the unavailability of materials related to many works created the need for a comprehensive, scholarly edited publication series constituting his total output.

The text-critical approach of Sibelius’s works

The history of the JSW project