Open at National Library's Gallery from 8.2.2019 to 31.12.2019. Open during the opening hours. No entry fee.

This exhibition depicts the development of Finnish games over three centuries. It puts games, players, game paraphernalia and game memories into the spotlight. The displays feature historical board games from the 19th century, rare computer enthusiast magazines from the 1980s as well as a video providing an overview of Finnish video game streaming. Visitors can also try out some of the board and computer games.

Games are always a product of their times. Changes in society are reflected in the development of games. Board games brought current events from war to the living room tables of people at home. As the middle class began to rise, computers became household appliances, sparking an entirely new era in the history of games.

The social status of games and gaming has also changed over the centuries. Gaming has not always been socially accepted, but over time, what was once a marginal hobby has now grown into the largest individual segment of the global entertainment industry. Games have made their way from the backwoods to convention halls.

The content of the exhibition is primarily comprised of material submitted to the National Library’s National Collection as legal deposit copies, as well as the Brummeriana collection, accumulated and donated to the National Library by Professor Markus Brummer-Korvenkontio. The exhibition also features pieces on loan from individuals as well as photographs from museum collections.

Games and paraphernalia connected to them are an important part of the cultural heritage that the National Library aims to protect.

"Culture arises and unfolds in and as play... culture itself bears the character of play."
- Johan Huizinga, Homo Ludens