The Finnish Baroque Orchestra at The National Library - Eine kleine Bachmusik

Event date
Wed 12.6.2019
21:00 to 22:00
National Library
The Cupola Hall
Unioninkatu 36
00014 Helsinki University
Organizing party
National Library and The Finnish Baroque Orchestra
Contact persons
Marketing Coordinator
The National Library of Finland
PL 15 (Unioninkatu 36)
00014 University of Helsinki
+358 (0)50 300 6620

An evening of baroque music at the National library 

Eine kleine Bachmusik
An evening of lute music and arias

J. S. Bach

FiBO Players: Hanna Haapamäki, recorder, Anni Elonen, violin, Jussi Seppänen, Eero Palviainen, lute

This relaxing concert transport the audience to Leipzig’s Café Zimmermann, famous for hosting evening performances of music, and offers familiar and unfamiliar helpings of organic Bach through a recycled filter. To be on the safe side, a few arias buried at the back of the cupboard will be added to the plate.