Sophie │ Amelie: wisdom or work?

Event date
Thu 23.4.2020
19:00 to 20:00
The National Library
The Cupola Hall
Unioninkatu 36
Organizing party
The National Library
Contact persons
Marketing Coordinator
The National Library of Finland
PL 15 (Unioninkatu 36)
00014 University of Helsinki
+358 (0)50 300 6620


Ten years ago, an album of sheet music was discovered at a flea market in Berlin, with the inscription ‟Sophie Godeffroy 1857”. So begins our true story! Sophie’s family had grown rich from foreign trade to distant lands as well as from transporting European migrants across the oceans. Sophie’s father collected curiosities as trophies. These objects take us to Paul Gauguin’s Polynesia as well as to Australia, where the professional collector Amalie Dietrich (1821–1891), who was commissioned by Sophie’s father, was based. Later Amalie’s daughter would reveal the tragic stories of mother and daughter. Which is the right choice: hiding in paradise or being part of the corrupt world?

Reetta Ristimäki, vocals
otta Emanuelsson, piano
Anna Kortelainen, narrator, script and images

The program is in Finnish.