THE READING LAMPS ARE STILL ON – An evening of wartime ambiance

Thu 20.2.2020
19.00 to 20.00

The National Library
The Cupola Hall
Unioninkatu 36

Songs and drama will take us to the uncertain atmosphere of late winter in Finland in 1944. A soldier is sitting in the researcher´s reading room, working on his master’s thesis without knowing whether he will ever return home after being sent back to the front. A young female student has spent her whole day packing up the Library’s collections so they can be safely evacuated. A librarian is wondering what will happen to Helsinki, or Finland and its cultural treasures. The music composed by Anna-Mari Kähärä flows with the lyrics, comforting and uplifting people in the Library.

Performers: Reetta Ristimäki, Linda Hämäläinen, Joel Mäkinen
Script: Anna Kortelainen
Music selection: Reetta Ristimäki, Anna Kortelainen

The program is in Finnish.

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The National Library