PerlKohaCon 2023 Conference

Perl ja Koha -konferenssi Helsingissä 2023.
Mon 14.8. to Fri 18.8.2023
09.00 to 16.00

Metsätalo, Unioninkatu 40, Helsinki

PerlKohaCon 2023 Conference brings together in Finland specialists on two fields: Koha and Perl.

Koha is a free and open source library system. In Finland, it is in use in the National Library of Finland, the National Repository Library, several universities and special libraries as well as in public libraries of about a hundred municipalities. Globally, Koha is used by many thousands libraries. Perl is the programming language behind Koha.

The conference that will be at the University of Helsinki, August 14th through 18th, 2023, will be an excellent opportunity for developers to meet users and vice versa. We look forward to build better understanding and new networks between communities.

Call for talks is open until 14th May, 2023. More information on the conference website.

PerlKohaCon 2023 is organized by the National Library of Finland, and Koha-Suomi Ltd. The National Library provides Koha as a SaaS to other scientific libraries. Koha-Suomi Ltd. is a not-for-profit, owned by the municipalities whose public libraries use Koha. They both are active participants in the international Koha developer community, too.