The Most Beautiful Books of 2022

Kauneimmat kirjat 2022 tunnus
Fri 31.3. to Thu 31.8.2023
09.00 to 18.00

Café Rotunda, National Library

The aim of the Finnish Book Art Committee is to draw attention to the book as an artistic whole. When choosing the Most Beautiful Books of the Year the Committee tries to find works in which form and content support each other as well as possible. The starting point for evaluating works is the overall graphic design, beginning with the typography and ending with the finished printed product. As well as classical printing skills, the Committee values fresh and new creative solutions.

The Finnish Book Art committee chooses the Most Beautiful Books of the Year collection annually. One book receives the honorary title of the Most Beautiful book. The exhibition at the National Library showcases the winners in all the categories.

The Most Beautiful Books are chosen in more than 30 countries each year. In Finland the Most Beautiful Books of the Year have been chosen annually since 1947. The Most Beautiful books collection is on display every year in Finland at venues including libraries and book fairs, and abroad in international festivals and competitions.

Find out more about the winners and the Finnish Book Art Committee