Mari Ahokoivu: Comics

Mari Ahokoivun piirros
Thu 19.1. to Tue 28.2.2023
09.00 to 18.00

National Library's Cafe Gallery

This exhibition presents a selection of Mari Ahokoivu’s work as a comic artist, from zines to graphic novels. The exhibits include books, original drawings and sketches.

Mari Ahokoivu (b. 1984 in Oulu, Finland) is a comic artist and illustrator. Her major work so far, Oksi (Asema Kustannus 2018), was nominated for the Botnia Prize, the Helmet Literature Prize and Sarjakuva-Finlandia (Graphic Novel Finlandia Prize) and won the US-based Global Literature in Libraries Initiative’s Translated YA Book Prize in 2021.

In addition, she has received the Screw You prize of the Oulu Comics Association and been presented with the standard of Turun Sarjakuvakauppa. This year she was awarded the Finnish Comics Society’s Puupäähattu prize.

Ahokoivu lives and works in Copenhagen.