Kupoli live: Janne Masalin

Picture by
Miikka Pirinen
Thu 26.11.2020

National Library's YouTube-channel

The guest artist performing at the National Library of Finland’s Kupoli Live event in November is Janne Masalin.

Janne Masalin is known for his glowing stage presence and diversity as a songwriter for the Tundramatiks and the Bad Ass Brass Band, but he is now also pursuing an innovative solo career. His debut album, Yhdessä olemme alasti (Roihis Musica), which was released in February, has already garnered praise from, for example, the Soundi music magazine and the Yle Radio Suomi channel. According to Janne, he originally performed his solo gigs on the roof or sunroof of a van, but now that his music has a more “modern, electronic and sexy sound”, his gigs have developed in a similar direction.

The programme will begin at 19.00. The concert will be live streamed on National Library’s YouTube channel.


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Tuomas Palonen