Humans and nature (exhibition)

Ihminen ja luonto -näyttelyn tunnuskuva.
Thu 26.8.2021 to Tue 31.5.2022
00.00 to 00.00

Kansalliskirjaston Galleria
Unioninkatu 36

National Library of Finland will present an exhibition that examines the relationship between human beings and nature and the development of concepts relating to nature from the perspective of the four classical elements: earth, water, air and fire. During this exhibition, experts from various branches of natural science will examine research, ideas and impressions related to the elements with the help of the National Library’s collections and some objects loaned from scientific and cultural institutions.

The treasures of the National Library of Finland on display – books, magazines and ephemera – mainly come from the National Collection, as the emphasis of the exhibition lies in Finnish nature. However, the exhibition also offers samples of the Manuscript Collection, the National Sound Archive and European research since the 16th century.

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Humans and Nature exhibition at the National Library of Finland.

Exhibition team

Mother of the idea for the exhibition: Professor, National Librarian Cecilia af Forselles

Chair: Professor Jouko Rikkinen (University of Helsinki).

Members: Doctor of Philosophy Elise Garritzen (University of Helsinki); Postdoctoral Researcher Heli Huhtamaa (University of Bern); Docent of Astronomy Hannu Karttunen (University of Turku); Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Technology Johan Stén (University of Helsinki); Doctor of Philosophy, Docent Allan Tiitta (University of Helsinki) and Professor Emeritus Nils Erik Villstrand (Åbo Akademi University).

Expert in the National Library’s collection: Jaakko Tahkokallio

Exhibition Designer in charge of the visual appearance of the exhibition: Maara Kinnermä

Exhibition Coordinator: Marjut Hjelt

Conservator: Marleena Vihakara

The National Library of Finland’s communications: Marko Oja, Mia Mansaré, Tiina Lehmikoski-Pessa, Katri Nissilä, Teemu Kokkonen

Videos: Unigrafia