The Finnish Baroque Orchestra at The National Library - Goe nightly cares, the enemy to rest

Wed 10.4.2019
21.00 to 22.00

Helsinki University Library
The Cupola Hall
Unioninkatu 36
00014 Helsinki

An evening of baroque music at the National library 

Goe nightly cares, the enemy to rest
Sympathy, shared joy and an evening of baroque music


Minna Nyberg, soprano

FiBO -players: Hannu Vasara, violin, Maija Lampela, viola da gamba and cello, Petteri Pitko, cembalo
Sampo Koistinen, speech and supervised meditation

In poetry, night-time is for lovers, but occasionally it can also be a time of hardship and solitude. This ties in with the second theme of the concert, sympathy and shared joy. How are these elements manifested in music? The speech and meditation part of the evening focuses on sympathy and shared joy in the daily lives of people today.

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