Concert: Amanda Kauranne – Human Voice and Nature 29.3.

Amanda Kauranne

Amanda Kauranne

Picture by
Marko Oja
Tue 29.3.2022
18.15 to 19.30

Free entry. Capacity 100 persons.

The National Library - Cupola Hall
Unioninkatu 36

The National Library of Finland is pleased to announce its cultural companion for 2022 to be folk musician Amanda Kauranne. Amanda Kauranne, self-described “jack of all trades” of folk music who draws her inspiration from forests and past eras, steps in front of the audience in the Cupola Hall on March 29.

Her concert Human Voice and Nature is a companion to the Humans and Nature exhibition which is currently open in the gallery.

In her music, Amanda Kauranne blends tradition and mischievous experimentation. Her repertoire includes human voice, percussions and thumb piano among others. Amanda Kauranne has graduated from the Sibelius Acaemy with master's of music degree.

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The Human Voice and Nature -concert is held in the Cupola Hall on March 29. Doors open at 18.15. Concert starts at 18.30. Capacity 100 persons. Free entry, no pre-registration.

Additional information: Amanda Kauranne - homepage