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Ismo Dance Company
Tue 6.3.2018
18.30 to 19.30

Open to all. Free entry.

The National Library
The Cupola Hall
Unioninkatu 36

Anybody’s Architecture: The National Library of Finland is the fourth part in a series of five works that incorporates dance, architecture and live music. The work has been inspired by the architecture of the National Library of Finland, its beautiful books and atmosphere as well as the work performed there.

Choreography, concept and direction: Ismo-Pekka Heikinheimo
Dance: Jyrki Haapala
The movement material was created together with the dancer
Live music: Moritz Cartheuser
Architectural expert: Simon Le Roux
Production: Ismo Dance Company

Teoksen liikemateriaali on luotu yhdessä tanssijan kanssa 
Live-musiikki: Moritz Cartheuser
Arkkitehtuuriasiantuntija: Simon le Roux 

Tuotanto: Ismo Dance Company

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Katri Nissilä
Communications Manager
Communications and Cultural Services
+358 2941 24082
+358 50 336 90 52
National Library
P.O.Box 15 (Unioninkatu 36)
00014 University of Helsinki

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The National Library of Finland and Ismo Dance Company