The National Library of Finland is the oldest and largest scholarly library in Finland as well as the largest independent institute at the University of Helsinki. It is responsible for the collection, description, preservation and accessibility of Finland’s printed national heritage and the unique collections under its care.

OUR VISION – Our national treasures available for everyone

"Treasures" are the various, even unique collections and contents that we distribute through various methods to those seeking information.

"Everyone" refers to the different knowledge-seekers, now and in the future. These treasures belong to the whole nation.


  • We secure the availability of national, published cultural heritage in our society.
  • We distribute and produce information content for research, studies, the citizens and the society.
  • We develop services in cooperation with the library network and other operators in the information society.


We are in charge of recording and maintaining our national publishing heritage and ensuring its accessibility,

Our duties are to develop and offer national services for university libraries, public libraries, universities of applied sciences' libraries and special libraries as well as to promote the national and international cooperation in the library field.

In addition to this, we are in charge of the assignments defined in the act concerning the depositing and conservation of cultural materials (1433/2007). In cooperation with the operators of publishing sector, we conserve Finnish publishing products for the use of researchers and others (legal deposit operations).

We operate as an independent institution that is a part of the University of Helsinki.

Further information:

Universities Act (558/2009) sections 70 and 71»
Government decree on universities (770/2009)»
Act on the deposit and conservation of cultural materials»


The working environment of researchers and library customers has become digital.
The National Library seeks to use strategic solutions to construct an effective, open customer
service environment.

Our strategic goals:

  1. We provide digital services which are extensively accessible to the public.
  2. Our information resources and services support openness.
  3. We provide the necessary conditions for digital research and learning environments.

The National Library's strategy for 2016-2020 (
Strategic plan of the National Library of Finland 2021–2030 (

Open National Library

We are an open organisation that plans its operations together with its key stakeholders. Openness builds trust.

The openness of resources and services means that customers have better access to them and they have a greater social impact.

The National Library

  1. promotes open science and open access to the cultural heritage.
  2. develops open services.
  3. plans and develops services together with customers and partners.
  4. integrates its open services into national and international infrastructures and services.
  5. prepares its strategy and key operational policies together with its key stakeholders.
  6. promotes knowledge sharing, shares its knowledge and learns from others.
  7. influences the development of legislation by extensively supporting open access to resources and services.
  8. aims to ensure maximum access to resources in its agreements.