The National Library’s Library Network Services is located in the Sörnäinen district, on a city block known as the “Elannon kortteli”, and within a building originally designed to be a bread factory. Address: Kaikukatu 4, Helsinki.
The building is in a courtyard which is accessible through the gateway on Kaikukatu 2 (see map below). The text "Leipätehdas" ("Bread factory") is featured above the entrance.

The lifts are located to the right in the entrance lobby, up a few steps and behind a glass door.
Library Network Services is located on the fifth floor.
There is a doorbell next to the glass door on the fifth floor.

There are excellent public transportation connections to the Elannon kortteli.
You can take any bus that runs on Hämeentie, including 68, 70, 71, 71V, 73, 73N, 74, 74N, 75, 76N, 700N, 710N, 730–742, and 785–788; the stop is Haapaniemi.
Convenient trams are 6, 6T, 7A and 7B; the stop is Haapaniemi.
Both the Sörnäinen and Hakaniemi metro stations are approximately 5–10 minutes by foot from the Elannon kortteli.

Use the HSL Journey Planner to find the most suitable routes and schedules for you.
A limited number of parking spots are available in the courtyard and nearby streets and they carry a fee.