The National Library of Finland provides services and participates in the more extensive social development activities in cooperation with national and international partners. Each partnership is different and based on the expertise and input of the partners. Intelligent and flexible sharing of expertise, resources and responsibilities is at the heart of partnerships.

In our view, partnerships are created on trust. In order to form successful partnerships, we need to know our customer and stakeholder groups. This is why cooperation with our customers and dialogue with Finland's library network, other memory organisations and the science community is vital to the development of the National Library of Finland.

The operating model of the library in everything is based on partnership, cooperation and experimentation.

Material partnerships

Private publication submitters or publication sector operators in cooperation with whom the National Library of Finland grows its collections. 

Customer partnerships

Libraries, archives and other public administration organisations, for whom the National Library of Finland provides services and who also participate as partners in the development of shared services. 

Digitising partnerships

Libraries and publication sector operators as well as cultural customers operating as producers or utilisers of digitised materials. The National Library of Finland offers digitisation partnerships to publishers with the help of which the publisher and the library can digitise shared materials while sharing costs.

Supplier partnerships

Service, system and product suppliers, whose expertise allows the National Library of Finland to provide its services. 

Research partnerships

The scholarly community for whom the library’s materials and services offer a unique and challenging research object. 

Our goal is to develop the research and teaching services in cooperation with the scholarly community. Constant communication with researchers is also a prerequisite for successful acquisition of materials. The information reserves created as the result of the cooperation projects with the scholarly community are integrated into the library's materials and service selection, ensuring that this cooperation benefits both sides.

Our cooperation with educational and research institutes promotes the research interests related to published cultural heritage and its distribution as well as the development of our national services.

Developer partnerships

Digital solution developers with whom the National Library of Finland creates future systems and expertise.