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Using legal deposit materials

Kuva vapaakappaletyöaseman etusivusta

Legal deposit copies of all printed publications and recordings are available for use at the National Library - you will more detailed information on use at the Availability and use of materials page. All publications deposited in six copies are available at all legal deposit libraries (list of libraries below), ephemeral publications are available at the National Library and at Turku University Library.

E-legal deposit materials and copyright-free digitized materials are, based on the Copyright Act (404/1961, 16 b §), available for use at legal deposit workstations at the National Library and at other legal deposit libraries. The materials are available through the following services in the workstations:

  • Varia - e-legal deposit archive containing electronic legal deposit copies of books, magazines, and music recordings. Varia also includes copies of those books, ephemeral publications, maps, games, and recordings digitized by the National Library that are still under copyright
  • Finnish Web Archive - Finnish web pages harvested by the National Library are available at the Web Archive. Directory of the Web Archive is available online
  • Digi - newspapers, magazines and journals, and ephemeral publications digitized by the National Library. Older, copyright-free materials are available also online, and digitized copyright-free materials in other National Library services (such as Doria, see below) are also available online through Digi
  • Radio and Television Archive - the Ritva database of the National Audiovisual Institute includes the programming of the main Finnish radio and television channels is in its entirety - the other channels, approximately 100 in total, are recorded as samples. Recording into the database started at the beginning of the year 2009. Directory of Ritva is also available online.

Digitized copyright-free materials - Doria: an open multi-institutional repository run by the National Library including materials from different organizations. The National Library community at the repository includes copyright-free materials digitized by the library: books, magazines, music recordings, maps, pictures, manuscripts, ephemeral publications, games, etc. - together with publications of the National Library itself.

Legal deposit libraries
Finland has six legal deposit libraries:

Legal deposit workstations are also available at the Library of Parliament and at the National Audiovisual Institute.