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Reading rooms and listening room

Visitors to the National Library have four reading rooms at their disposal (theSouth Hall reading room, the North Hall reading room, the reading room of the Slavonic Library and the Special Collections Reading Room) as well as reading desks in the Rotunda, the Aquarium, the Slavonic Library and the Music Library.

In the reading rooms, visitors can work and use items from the collections which cannot be released on loan.

About the reading rooms

  • The South Hall and the North Hall are available for all visitors.
  • The reading room of the Slavonic Library is intended exclusively for studying the collections of the Slavonic Library.
  • The Special Collections Reading Room is reserved for researchers who have ordered items to be delivered to the reading room, or who must access the catalogues or reference resources in the Special Collections Reading Room.

Copies of sound recordings in the National Library’s collections can be delivered to the listening room of the Music Library upon request.

More info on availability of material