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Open science as co-operation

Openness is the strategic goal of the National Library of Finland. The National Library of Finland especially promotes open access. We are an expert in open access issues, provide open publication archive platform services and promote open access, for example, by negotiating with publishers.

Open science refers to bringing scientific outcomes, in other words data and publications and, to a larger extent, scientific processes and communications freely available for everyone.

  • Open access refers to open availability of scientific publications. Instead of subscription fees, the publication business rationale may be based, for example, on fees paid by the contributors.  Open publication archives, which can publish a parallel version of material behind payment wall, improve the availability of materials subject to fees.
  • Open data is freely accessible data. The easy re-usability of data improves the impact of science and investments made in it.
  • Open scientific practices boost research and improve its quality. Researchers may, for example, receive feedback and criticism from other researchers already during the research.
  • Open science also usually entails utilisation of the open source code .

As an expert in metadata, the National Library of Finland develops description practices vital for research data management and dissemination.

The National Library of Finland uses open source code extensively in service provision and supports development communities.

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