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Open collection

The materials of the open collection are immediately available to you in the library, without a separate material request.  Our open collections are the Humanities Collection, the Slavonic Library and the Finnish National Sound Archive (the Music Library). You will need a valid National Library card to take home the materials of the open collection.

The open collection has both home loan materials and manuscript collection materials. The manuscript collection materials must be viewed within the library premises, in our reading rooms. 

The manuscript collection materials include the following material types:

  • The newest issues of the journals in the Humanities Collection
  • The Slavonic Library: the newest newspapers and periodicals, bibliographies, reference works and dictionaries
  • The National Collection: a selection of new Finnish science and cultural periodicals in the Reference Library, the Newspaper Reading Room and the Music Library
  • The Music Library: reference books, music journals
  • Microfilms:
  • microfilms of the Finnish newspapers from 1771–1945
  • the microfilms of most used Finnish newspapers also after 1945

In the National Library's serch service, the note is in connection to the information of the record, i.e. work, you are searching for: 'In open collection' (can be loaned out), 'In open collection. Not for home loan' (the materials are manuscript collection materials, i.e. home loan is not possible).