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Library terminals

Library terminals are available to you in many places in the library. They are primarily intended for the use of library databases and electronic materials. You can print pdfs from the library terminals with Unigrafia's Print in City -service. You can also plug in a USB memory stick into library terminals.

You do not need any login ID or passwords for accessing the library search service through the terminals. You can login with your Helsinki university account and print with your personal print card.

You also do not need to login in order to use the digitised materials through the customer terminals, Such materials include, among others, digitised newspapers and journals, ephemera, works not subjected to copyright available in the publication archives (Doria, Helmi, Raita), dissertations by the Royal Academy of Turku, collection of parchment fragments.

If you need help, our staff is happy to instruct you in the use of library devices and software. If you need help for using your own devices, please contact the University of Helsinki's Helpdesk.

University of Helsinki Helpdesk (Helpdesk)

Print in City (Unigrafia)