Home loans and reading room loans

Taking out loans from the National Library of Finland requires a National Library card. Loaning materials is done using the self-service book-lending machines located on our library premises. For borrowing materials, you will need a library card and the four-digit PIN code. All books borrowed must be returned within 28 days.

The loan periods of materials available for home loans are available on the database. Some of our materials are only available for reading room loans, which means they can only be read on our premises. For reading room loans, the loan periods are 28 days as a rule. Manuscripts from the Manuscript Collection can be taken out on reading room loan for 14 days. Reading room loans are kept in the reading room, on shelves reserved for the materials.

If a reservation has been made for the materials you have borrowed, you will be notified of this in the email address you gave in your customer information. Reserved materials cannot be renewed; they must be returned after the loan period for the use of the next customer.

Unpaid fines for overdue books (more than 15 €) will prevent loaning. The loan prohibition will prevent, loaning, renewals and reservation of materials at the National Library.