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E-invoicing information

The National Library of Finland wishes to receive the majority of invoices as e-invoices. Below are instructions for use.

E-invoice address / EDI code 003703134717
Business ID: 0313471-7
E-invoice operator: OpusCapita Group Oy
Operator’s broker ID: 003710948874

If the supplier does not provide e-invoices, the invoices must be sent to the below address of the service provider (OpusCapita Group Oy), which will convert the invoices into electronic format:

The National Library of Finland
P.O: Box 7138

We kindly ask you to include a client reference in all invoices addressed to the National Library of Finland, which at minimum must include the following:

Reference: Profit centre – WBS code – Contact person
E.g. H981 - 7981500 - Elsi Example