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Flyers from the Finnish Winter War and Continuation War 1939–1944. Fflyers were used to spread war propaganda on both sides of the front. These unique, time-specific materials tell what words and images were used in exceptional circumstances in attempting to affect the attitudes and actions of people. Millions of flyers were spread but hardly any were received by the library on the basis of the legal deposit copy act. The majority of the flyers in the collection have been collected by private individuals on the front or elsewhere. The flyers were in bad condition to begin with and their material is also inferior and difficult to preserve paper.

The collection contains flyers spread by the Finns, the Germans and the Russians as well as flyers directed at them as well as Swedish and other volunteers. In addition to actual flyers, the collection contains small booklets, newspapers, orders of the day and official declarations. Materials are in several languages: Russian, German, Swedish, Estonian, languages of Aunus and Karelia as well as other minority languages used in the Soviet Union. With regard to volume, most of the flyers are flyers printed in Russia and aimed at Finns.


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