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The Slavonic Library is a continuously accumulating collection serving research related to Russia and Eastern Europe. The Legal Deposit Collection that was accrued in 1828–1917 includes deposit copies of printed matters in all subjects published within the borders of the Russian Empire. From the Soviet period, the collection contains literature mainly from the fields of humanities and social sciences from the Soviet Union and other countries within the Slavic language area. The collection also includes emigrant literature. Acquisition of new materials is focused on the fields of humanities and social sciences within Russian and Eastern European studies.

Catalogue information
  • Paper catalogue made of the collection
  • Card catalogue made of the collection
  • The collection has been described in the reference database
  • The collection has been only partially catalogued
Most of the collection can be retrieved through the National Library’s search service and the Helka search service. However, the information for some newspapers and periodicals is available exclusively through the card catalogue.

Separate catalogues have been created for newspapers, rare books, the image collection and the Glasnost collection.

There are three card catalogues, categorised by topic: Publications in the Cyrillic alphabet published before 1917, categorised according to the Russian BBK system; publications in the Cyrillic alphabet published after 1917; and publications in the Polonica collection, categorised according to the Universal Decimal Classification.
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  • Analogue
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  • Digitised
  • On microfiche
  • On microfilm
  • Sound recording
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  • Books
  • Newspapers
  • Aikakauslehdet
  • Ephemera
  • Maps
  • Pictures
  • electronic material (born-digital)
  • online materials
  • music recordings
  • posters
  • sheet music publications
  • newspaper clippings
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