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The sheet music collection of the National Library contains Finnish art and popular sheet music publications starting from 1801.

Some of the sheet music has been published online. The online sheet music collection is accrued in accordance with Act on Collecting and Preserving Cultural Materials (Laki kulttuuriaineistojen tallettamisesta ja säilyttämisestä 1433/2007). The online materials are accrued by searching for them programmatically on the public web and through deposited materials delivered by online publishers. Materials collected programmatically are deposited in the Finnish Web Archive and materials received as donations are saved in the Varia service. Both services can be used through the legal deposit workstations.

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Finnish sheet music publications are described in the National Library Search from 1977 on. Information about sheet music published 1801–1976 is available in the sheet music card index of the Music Library on the 1st floor of Fabiania. The card index is also digitized in Doria-database.
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