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Professor Richard Faltin (1835–1918) was a Germany-born organist, conductor, music pedagogue and composer. He worked as, for example, a music teacher in the University of Helsinki and the conductor of Finnish National Opera. He was granted the honorary title of Professor in 1896.

His scientific library, over 1,000 volumes, contains literature is music sciences, periodicals (in the Humanities Collection with signums P-3981–P-4010), sheet music publications and concert programmes from 1850 to 1917.

All literature is in German. The themes of the book collection include music theory, textbooks, music history and guides for singing and playing piano or the organ. The sheet music collection mostly contains oratorios, operas, choir pieces, song books and hymn books. Only books are catalogued to the database, not the sheet music collection. A typewritten catalogue of the collection is available.

 Several works have the Faltin exlibris, which was designed by Ester Hjelt-Cajanus in 1904.

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