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The Miscellanea Collections comprise two collections made of volumes containing several small publications bound together. The Miscellanea Collection contains 823 volumes with a total of 5,570 publications and the Miscellanea Korff Collection contains 375 volumes with a total of 2,120 publications. The collections include literature since the sixteenth century, mainly from the eighteenth century. The publications cover nearly all fields of science, religious matters, politics, wars, philosophy, jurisprudence and erotica. The collection also includes practical guides. Approximately half of the publications in the Miscellanea Collections are written in German, a third in Latin and some 10 percent in French. It also includes publications in Swedish and English.

The main reason for binding the publications together was to facilitate their storing. Many of the volumes, especially in the Miscellanea-Korff Collection, form a thematic unit, which aims to collect together the literary discussion concerning one topic. 

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