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The satirical magazines in the Slavonic Library are published in between the 1890s and 1910s in Russia. Especially during the political turmoil of 1905–1907, political periodicals were published, which discussed state and political events through literary and pictorial satire.

In all, Slavonic Library contains 134 titles of satirical magazines and most of them have been published in St. Petersburg. Such eminent authors as I. Bunin, L. Andrejev, V. Ivanov, A. Blok, M. Gorki and A. Remizov contributed to the magazines. Political caricatures published in the newspapers were drawn by, for example, such artists as S. Tšehonin, V. Serov, B. Kustodiev, E. Lansere, M. Dobužinski and I. Bilibin.

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