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Collection description

Periodicals published prior to 1917 in the Slavonic Library have been primarily received as deposit copies printed in the Russian Empire 1828–1917. The collection contents cover all subject areas of publication production. These include scientific journals and series from universities, scientific societies and academies; literary, art and cultural journals; journals published by the church, army, ministries and local government; statistical publications and professional journals in various fields.


Catalogue information
  • Card catalogue made of the collection
  • The collection has been described in the reference database
  • The collection has been only partially catalogued
In the case of periodicals published before 1917, the card catalogue is the most reliable way to look for information. Only some of the periodicals can be searched by using the National Library’s search service.
Collection materials in format
  • Analogue
  • Digitised
  • On microfiche
  • On microfilm
Depending on the title, periodicals are available for viewing in their original form or as microfilms. Electronic versions are available for certain periodicals.
Thematic collections available in digital form: Early Russian Cinema Online, Russian AvantGarde Online, Muslims in Russia Online.
Material type
  • Aikakauslehdet